Fat Binders help you to lose weight effortlessly

Fat binders are basically pills used in the dieting industry that have the ability to prevent the fat content of food consumed from being absorbed by the body. This unique feature which binds anything up to 28% of the fat content, means that the calories absorbed and digested by the body are drastically reduced, resulting in amazing weight loss. A good fat binder such as Proactol consists of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre that is obtained from the natural cactus “Opuntia ficus-indica”.

The insoluble fibre attaches itself to molecules of fat in the stomach and hence makes the molecules too large to be absorbed by the body, resulting in the fibre coated fat being passed naturally and safely through the body. Proactol is clinically proven to reduce fat digestion by as much as 28%.

The soluble fibre content of Proactol, is turned into a gel like substance, that slows down the rate of absorption of food into the system, thereby resulting in a prolonged full feeling that helps to reduce further food intake and hence appetite suppression.

With a combination of the fat binding qualities and the prolonged absorption rate, you reduce your calorie intake tremendously without any diets. Weight loss becomes a piece of cake.

How to use Fat Binders. Fat binders like Proactol, are taken just after food, with liquid. This means that you can go to eat out, or partake in your favourite food, and then afterwards simply take a fat binder pill and you do not need to worry that the delicious food that you have just eaten will make you fat.

The dosage of fat binders may vary slightly and hence it is best to refer to the directions on the box. Dosages may also vary according to your weight loss goals, and hence when first starting the dosage may be higher than when merely using it to maintain your weight.

What Proactol customers have to say about Fat binders.

Before using Proactol

After using Proactol.
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This is Peter on the left hand side. Peter started to use Proactol to lose weight and the results were incredible. it is hard to believe that the man on the right is Peter.

Just goes to show how effective Proactol can be in your weight loss efforts. If you are not convinced that Proactol can help you, then have a look at our customer testimonial page on the official Proactol website, and see just how many people have been helped by Proactol in their weight loss efforts.